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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gyaru inspired look

Gyaru, is a term in Japan, meaning "gal" which defines a whole subculture of styles in Japan. They are definitely "well-known" for their style, and individuality. The main objective of most gyaru eye make-up, is to open up the eye, also referred to as a doll-eye look. White or a shimmery shadow or liner is used on the inner corner of the eye to create that effect. Skin is usually powdered to a flawless finish with pink lips, and pink on the apples of the cheeks. Eyelashes are usually framing the eyes, very accentuated and thick, on both the bottom and top. Fake lashes are usually used.

I chose to stick with very neutral colors, so it wouldn't distract too much~

product overview:

MAC studio sculpt
MAC tippy blush (hk collection)
MAC skintone 1 eyeshadow (cheeks)

MAC notoriety palette (rich&earthy(lid), skintone 2(crease), notoriety(outercorner), skintone 1(highlight)
MAC blacktrack fluidline
MAC fascinating eyeliner
MAC forgery
Clinique high impact mascara
Diorshow mascara
MAC lingering eyebrow pencil

MAC fabby
MAC nymphette lipgloss
MAC dazzlepuss lipgloss (hk collection)

comment it, tell me what you think~

xoxo♥, robyn


Rita *Lala* said...

i found your blog in another blog!
anyway, I saw your pictures and I your eyes are really pretty and look wonderful with eyeliner!

Robyn said...

aw thanks for the feedback! i love eyeliner. LOL. it's the one thing i can't leave the house without<3