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Saturday, February 27, 2010

green&aqua/purple/pink EOTD

sorry i haven't been updating in awhile, please bear w/ me. i'm always super busy. tell me what you think? i'm practicing, in case i decide to apply for m.a.c. i love ya guys~ i'm totally that whole tsunami business is over.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Geisha spin-off LOTD

hope you guys like it, i know i've been out of the loop w/ posting. but let me know if there's any looks you're interested in me doing. the semester is ending soon, which means lots and lots of stress ahead. wish me luck<3 i love you guys. click that comment button!

xoxo, robbie♥

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ocean eyes

here is a recent look i did~ i'm sorry, i've been really lazy in posting and tell me what you think! it's a very shimmery, frosty combination of blues -- it can really make the eye pop. for this look i used a generic palette from ebay, which i will get around to showing you later. <3

and a smokey, black n' gold as a tribute to my alma mater. leave me some feedback guys! <33 let me know if there's any looks you'd like me to do!

xoxo, robyn.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The NEW black (Cinderfella review)

Black tied & Carbon VS. Cinderfella:

(err; around twenty dollars?)

I'm sure we've all gone to the mac store and purchased carbon or black tied with the small sparkles catching our eye, in hopes that the sparkle is true to its word. Although, it is disappointing, that these sparkles do not "stick"; look NO further. I give you: cinderfella from the black collection. A nice mineralize eyeshadow, slightly bigger than your average $14.50 USD pans. And who can say no to minerals? The shimmer will show, and with a base underneath, this a HG for all you glitter queens. Trust me, a little will go a LONG way.

(left w/ base; right without)

MY EOTD (featuring cinderfella):

(emotionless; i know. but the elation is there :p)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

RED hot look.

hey guys, it's osashiburi ne. lol. i've got a new haircut!

face: none! LOL. i went foundationless for this look. i'm too lazy. well except for the MAC prep + prime skin visage SPF 50 to keep my skin awesome in the hawaii heat.

NARS super orgasm blush. (omfg, this stuff is to die for<33)
MAC engraved powerpoint eyeliner
MAC point black liquidlast
MAC skintone 1 from the notoriety palette.

rimmel dark brown eyebrow pencil(an awesome dupe for MAC lingering brow pencil)

MAC quartz lipliner
l'oreal trushine in 430

drop me some feedback, i'd really appreciate it! let me know if there's any types of looks or tutorials you'd want me to do. i'm thinking of posting up a cat-eye tutorial!

Friday, September 11, 2009

my ramblings about my current situation

I guess, I've never really explained much about myself. But I guess you could say I'm going through some tough times, it's just one of those days where you just feel like dropping everything and staying in bed (but you can't, lol we've all heard that one before).

It mainly has to do with a relationship of mine, after being together for four years, through the years of immaturity, and growing up, I'm just stuck. I admit that I'm not perfect, and nobody is, but it's just, it seems like I'm not doing enough. And I guess, I'm stubborn too, pushing for change and pushing for compromise, but who wouldn't in any given situation?

I can honestly say I care so much for this person, but it's just hard, the way he always seems to push my buttons so easily, it frustrates me, and I don't really know how to handle with it, other than vying for space. It's crazy how you can care so much for someone, but the puzzle pieces are changing shape.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gyaru inspired look

Gyaru, is a term in Japan, meaning "gal" which defines a whole subculture of styles in Japan. They are definitely "well-known" for their style, and individuality. The main objective of most gyaru eye make-up, is to open up the eye, also referred to as a doll-eye look. White or a shimmery shadow or liner is used on the inner corner of the eye to create that effect. Skin is usually powdered to a flawless finish with pink lips, and pink on the apples of the cheeks. Eyelashes are usually framing the eyes, very accentuated and thick, on both the bottom and top. Fake lashes are usually used.

I chose to stick with very neutral colors, so it wouldn't distract too much~

product overview:

MAC studio sculpt
MAC tippy blush (hk collection)
MAC skintone 1 eyeshadow (cheeks)

MAC notoriety palette (rich&earthy(lid), skintone 2(crease), notoriety(outercorner), skintone 1(highlight)
MAC blacktrack fluidline
MAC fascinating eyeliner
MAC forgery
Clinique high impact mascara
Diorshow mascara
MAC lingering eyebrow pencil

MAC fabby
MAC nymphette lipgloss
MAC dazzlepuss lipgloss (hk collection)

comment it, tell me what you think~

xoxo♥, robyn